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Here at Vet 2 You we are updating our vaccination protocols to align with the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) current vaccination guidelines. The changes we will be making are as follows:

At present for cats we are vaccinating 3 yearly with the Felocell 3 vaccine which covers our feline patients for panleukopenia and cat flu (caused by calicivirus and herpesvirus) as per the manufacturers recommendations. While immunity to panleukopenia is long lasting and 3 yearly revaccination is appropriate the immunity to calicivirus and herpesvirus (cat flu) weakens more rapidly and WSAVA recommends annual revaccination for these viruses. As such we will be adjusting our vaccination protocols accordingly and will now be offering annual boosters with Ducat vaccination for cat flu in the years in between the Felocell 3 boosters. An example of how the vaccination schedule for your cat would now look is as follows:

Year 1 - Felocell 3
Year 2 - Ducat
Year 3 - Ducat
Year 4 - Felocell 3
Year 5 - Ducat
etc etc

Feline Aids (FIV) remains an optional vaccination requiring blood testing first in adult cats followed by 3 boosters 2 weeks apart then annual revaccination. Kittens who have not had contact with other cats, and so not been at risk of being bitten by an infected cat, do not require the blood testing.

If your cat is currently on the 3 yearly vaccination schedule and you would like them added to the reminder list for the annual ducat vaccination just reply to this email or phone/text and we will set up the reminder for your pet.

Dogs are currently being vaccinated 3 yearly with Vanguard Plus 5 which covers for parvovirus, distemper, parainfluenza and adenovirus type 1&2 (infectious canine hepatitis and respiratory disease) as per the manufacturers recommendations. The duration of immunity can vary quite substantially between individual dogs (particularly if there is any abnormality of the immune system) and also between vaccine components thus some dogs may need revaccination less frequently than 3 yearly and some more frequently. We now have available in clinic testing to determine what levels of immunity a dog has to the 3 main components of the core vaccine (parvo, distemper and ICH) and thus the ability to only be vaccinating dogs as often as required for each individual. While you still have the option of sticking with blind 3 yearly revaccination, the new recommendation will be to perform a VacciCheck blood titre test annually from 12 months after the puppy boosters and vaccination as required if titres are low (ie non-protective).

The Leptospirosis and Kennel Cough vaccinations remain optional and require boosters annually.

If your dog is currently on the 3 yearly schedule and it has been over 12 months since their last Vanguard Plus 5 booster and you would like to have them tested please reply to this email or phone/text to arrange an appointment.

We hope to have the VacciCheck titre testing for cats within the next 12 months but at present this is not available in NZ.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.